Merchantek and Tech Apps continues to maintain and engineer the highest quality laser manufacturing tools, modules and complete systems for use in industrial purpose technical assembly and development.  Mecharntek has for over a decade, improved, developed and perfected laser ablation/solid sampling, semiconductor failure analysis (predominantly in flat panel display repair) as well as particle image velocimetry for practical physics and general purpose scientific applications.  The application of Merchantek in the merchant service point of sale industry has recently increased in combination with newer technologies such as iPhone apps, and Android Apps.  Diagnostic panels are now available through iPhone scanners, controlled by Merchantek diagnostic apps.  These new services are taking Merchantek to a new level and have created new opportunities in semiconductor design and research.

Semiconductor failure analysis has now been automated through the use of hand held mobile devices with Merchantek diagnostic apps that are able to read to .00004 microunits producing a 99.986 percentage of accuracy.  In testing, the Merchantek diagnostic tools also produced 99.988 in micromachining quality control.  This is the highest percentage possible, leaving .022 as leeway for potential user error, manufacturing glitches or temporary anomalies that would require retesting.  Two readings at these percentages give the manufacturer enough data to release product with a quality seal, thus reducing refurbishment request by 27% over figures from the past two years.

Continued development of the diagnostic apps for iPhones and Android phones are currently underway.  New features such as infrared velocimetry and 3D imaging for micromachining are in testing based off the SDK’s as provided by manufacturing partners and smartphone developers.  The overall success of Merchantek diagnostic systems is contributed to these partnerships and have advanced the technology much faster than originally described in out 2008/2009 projections.

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